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Q1 Updates: New Tools - FamilySearch Integration & AutoCluster for Endogamy! Plus Bug Fixes and More...

AUTHOR: The GEDmatch Team
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Hello, GEDmatch Family! We are thrilled to announce some fantastic updates and new features to enhance your genealogy adventures. Here's what you can look forward to in our latest release:

New Features:

  • AutoCluster for Endogamy: Diving into your endogamous roots? Our new tool is here! Designed specifically for endogamous populations, this stricter AutoCluster tool helps identify closer matches by enabling clustering around shared common ancestors. Explore your heritage with new insights, and check out the video on this tool made by GeneaVlogger here:

  • Integration with FamilySearch: Family trees made easy! Now seamlessly import up to 8 generations of your ancestors (and one generation of descendants for each) directly from FamilySearch into GEDmatch. It's genealogy sharing at its best!

Updates and Improvements:

  • UI Enhancements: Navigating GEDmatch just got even smoother! We've made small but key changes to numerous tools, including moving names and emails back to the left side of One to Many results for better accessibility.

  • GEDCOM 7 Compatibility: Uploading your family tree data is a breeze with our new support for GEDCOM 7 file imports. Keep your family tree info up-to-date and comprehensive.

  • One to One Enhancements: Your detailed comparisons are now even more precise! With minor algorithm improvements and the option to set the Q match limit to 3cM, it's easier to find and understand your genetic connections.

  • Security Boosts: Safety first! We've added extra security measures to protect your data and ensure uninterrupted access to GEDmatch tools, free from third-party software or script interference.

  • Kit Privacy Notifications: Stay informed! Whenever you change the privacy settings of your kit, we'll pop an email notification to keep you in the loop.

Benefits for You:

  • Discover deeper connections within endogamous populations with AutoCluster for Endogamy.

  • Effortlessly merge your family tree with FamilySearch integration.

  • Enjoy a smoother, more intuitive GEDmatch experience with our UI enhancements.

  • Know we're ready for the future with GEDCOM 7 import compatibility.

  • Delve into your genetic links with improved One to One comparisons.

  • Feel secure with our enhanced privacy and security updates.

Ready to Explore?

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We're here to help make your family history exploration as enriching and enjoyable as possible. Questions or feedback? Our friendly team would love to hear from you.

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