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Enhancing GEDmatch Account Security

AUTHOR: The GEDmatch Team

Exciting news from our end! We’re thrilled to introduce a major upgrade with the implementation of Auth0, bringing top-notch security and some nifty new features to enhance your GEDmatch experience.

Here’s What’s New for You

  • Unmatched security with Auth0’s leading technology, protecting your privacy and data

  • A smoother login process with the option for social logins—because who doesn’t like options?

  • An elevated user experience with multi-factor authentication, offering that extra shield of security

Please Watch This 6 Minute Video Overview

Steps to Prepare for the Update

To ensure continued access to your GEDmatch account, please update your email address by June 13 if needed.

If you can't reach your current email, please replace it with a valid one before the same date. You can do this by logging into your GEDmatch account, editing your Profile, clicking on the Email/Password change tab, and following the steps listed on that page.

Note that you won't be able to change the email for your GEDmatch account through the GEDmatch site after June 13. For any email change requests after this date, please submit a support request for our team to handle.

Important Dates to Remember

June 13th: Deadline to ensure your email address is correct.

June 18th: Scheduled site downtime for the update.

June 19th: Update goes live. Users must reset their passwords at first login.

How To Login To GEDmatch After June 18

  1. Log In at Follow the new login process. Enter your GEDmatch email address first to get to the password screen.

  2. Reset Your Password: A password reset will be required. Click the "Forgot Password" link to start this. You'll be guided through this process during your first login.

  3. Set Up Social Login (optional): Once you reset your password and login, you can set up social login the next time you login to GEDmatch. Choose Google or Yahoo as the login option.

  4. Multi-Factor Authentication (optional): We will be enabling multi-factor authentication in the near future. This will not be mandatory for all users to use. Stay tuned for more info!

We're Here to Help!

We will have additional videos on our Education page and our YouTube channel.

Reach out to our support team through email ( or submitting a ticket for any help needed.

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