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AutoKinship Tool Launch & the Latest Site Improvements

AUTHOR: The GEDmatch Team

New Tool: AutoKinship

For the last 4 months, our GEDmatch team has been hard at work in collaboration with Dr. Evert-Jan Blom to integrate his AutoKinship tool directly into GEDmatch. Here is how Roberta Estes describes this new tool:

Genetic Affairs has created a new version of AutoKinship, named AutoKinship Tree at GEDmatch. The new AutoKinship Tree adds new features, allows for more kits to be included in the analysis, and integrates multiple reports together:

  • AutoCluster - the autoclusters we all know and love

  • AutoSegment - clusters based on segments

  • AutoTree - reconstructed tree based on GEDCOM files of you and your matches, even if you don't have a tree

  • AutoKinship - genetic trees

  • AutoKinship Tree - new, combines both of the above and adds features

  • Matches

    • Common Ancestors with your ancestors

    • Common Ancestors between matches, even if they don't match your tree

    • Common Locations

Maybe the best news is that some reports provide automatic triangulation because, at GEDmatch, it's possible to not only see how you match multiple people, but also if those people match each other on that same segment. Of course, triangulation requires three-way matching, but also identification of common ancestors which is part of what AutoKinship Tree provides, in multiple ways.

Read Roberta's walkthrough of AutoKinship at

Learn more about Dr. Evert-Jan Blom here:

AutoKinship is a Tier 1 tool and can be accessed on

Site Fixes/Improvements

Applied to both &

  • Added support for Min Segment cM selection for MKA matrices

  • Added additional exceptions handling related to AJAX errors for Triangulation

  • Fixed Triangulation bugs: crossmatch, single chromosome, Latin name conversion

  • Optimized Triangulation memory usage

  • Fixed MRCA failure on large GEDCOMs

  • Fixed Triangulation error related to no matches/segments

  • Fixed Triangulation AJAX error related to cross-matching

  • Updated One-to-One to accept up to 14 character kit names, e.g., filtered kits

  • Fixed superkit display in DNA File Diagnostic Utility

  • Added additional exceptions handling in Ancestor Projects, Admixture, Triangulation

  • Bugfix to show total cM max limit value in triangulation results summary

  • Redesigned Upload DNA form for a better user experience

  • Fixed AutoClustering to support kits with UTF-8 characters in the name

  • Update Triangulation to handle tag group names with double quotes

  • GEDcom parent links corrected for Search All GEDCOMs tool results

Only for

  • Bugfix and updates for AutoSegment to better handle timeout cases (processing spinner stuck)

  • Removed old/unnecessary text from Surname Search

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