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Autocluster, Autotree and Autopedigree launch

AUTHOR: The GEDmatch Team

We are excited to announce the release of three new tools that will enhance the experience for our users. The tools – Autocluster, Autopedigree and Autotree – were developed by EJ Blom of Genetic Affairs.

Here’s how the new tools work:

Autocluster tool: Allows users to group DNA matches of people who have a common ancestor and likely belong to the same branch of the family tree.

Autotree tool: Takes the information from the Autocluster tool and identifies common ancestors and reconstructs genealogical trees based on information from the Autocluster tool.

Autopedigree tool: Complements the Autocluster and Autotree tools by allowing the user to develop family tree predictions. This can be useful for understanding how a person (for example, an adoptee) would fit into a reconstructed family tree.

The new tools are available now at for Tier 1 subscribers who pay a low monthly fee. The majority of tools on GEDmatch remain free.

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