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August Site Updates, Improvements & Bug Fixes

AUTHOR: The GEDmatch Team

Whew, the last month has gone by so quickly! We've knocked out more bugs and improved a few of the tools, as well as made progress on a new tool coming soon. Below are the highlights.

Tool Improvements

Updated the results page of People Who Match Both kits, or 1 of 2 Kits


The results page has the results separated out into 3 tabs instead of one long page. We also added in a column for GED/Wiki links!

MKA Matrices Performance Improvements

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 8.11.39 PM.png

When you use the Multi-Kit Analysis Matrices toolset, you will see 3 speed options now on most of the tools: Good Accuracy – Fastest Speed mode, Better Accuracy – Average Speed mode, & Best Accuracy – Slowest Speed mode.

Here's how they work:

Good Accuracy – Fastest Speed mode

This mode, will return the fastest results than the other modes as it uses existing match data and doesn’t run ANY 1-to-1 comparisons, however the results are valid for most matches. This is mode generally provides accurate results for most match levels. Where it can be a little inaccurate is when matches are in the 7-10 cM range, in which case some differences with the 1-to-1 comparison can be seen.

Better Accuracy – Average Speed mode

This mode also uses existing match data but filters out kit pairs that the initial Batch processing when the kit was uploaded to GEDmatch concluded do not match at all. This mode still runs a large set of 1-to-1 comparisons, but kit pairs where there would be likely be no match found are skipped. This improves the speed at which the results are returned. For the kits that are compared, the results are more accurate than the Fastest Speed mode.

Best Accuracy – Slowest Speed mode

This is the original mode. This mode compares every kit pair in the tag group. As such, the results are the most accurate at the cost of time to return the results because of the large number of 1-to-1 comparisons that are performed.

Archaic DNA Matches Now Includes More Kits in the Results


You will now see more archaic DNA matches when using this tool. Go give it a try!

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the DNA upload form so that the Donor Name is saved to the kit details

  • Fixed an issue with the reCaptcha dialogue box causing the DNA upload process to fail for some users

  • Fixed an issue where Ancestry Project CSV downloads were not including the SNP column

For both and

  • Fix a bug that showed up in certain Admixture computation results

  • Fixed the Lazarus tool so that it works as expected

  • Fixed a dead link on the Archaic DNA tool results page to link to the correct website

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