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July Site Updates, Improvements & Bug Fixes

AUTHOR: The GEDmatch Team

Our team has been busy working on improving the site and fixing bugs since we launched the new marketing site and new version of GEDmatch tools. Below is a list of fixes and improvements we've made over the last month:

Fixes and updates for

  • Fixed Tier 1 menu so that it shows immediately after login

  • Adjusted table widths and padding for mobile usability on Multi Kit Analysis

  • Added 4 missing optional kit fields (kit6 through kit9) to 3D Chromosome Browser

  • Updated One-To-Many Results UIs to display table full width and window scrollable

  • Added missing ‘Show only Full-Match (FIR) segments on One-To-One Autosomal page

  • Corrected setting for minimum cM on Segment Search causing value to always be set to default (7cM); user customized cM value now passed through correctly

Fixes and updates for &

  • Improved the Most Recent Common Ancestor tool to avoid loops on broken trees

  • Fixed AJAX error on multiple tools in MKA

Feel free to submit a support ticket inside of GEDmatch if you come across a bug or would like to leave us feedback.


The GEDmatch Team

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